Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 7: Arise and Shine Babies Home

Day 7 brought us back to Arise and Shine Babies home. We loved on some sweet babies and hung out with little ones...

Then we did a little painting. The director and our friend, Sharon, asked us to make it look more "happy". Here are a few before pics...

And during...

The finished rooms are posted on Day 9. ;-)

After a long day's work, we walked to Two Friends Restaurant. While on the Nile, enjoy a Nile. You have to. It's the rules.

Then we had an awesome dinner at our guest house of homemade tomato soup, biscuits, chips & salsa. They sure know how to spoil us!

As you can tell, a few of us may have actually gained a few pounds on this trip ;-)

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