Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 11: Kampala

The morning of Day 11, we had to say goodbye to our friends that work at the Sole Hope Guest House. They made our stay so comfortable - it really was a wonderful home away from home.

As soon as we left the guesthouse, our driver, Brian, stopped at the gas station to re-fuel. That's when our big adventure began for the day. As we were about to leave, our van kept dying and we knew pretty quickly we would not be able to make it to our next destination, Kampala, which was about 3 hours away.

If we were to have car trouble, what a better place than for it to happen at a gas station with mechanics on duty?! However, it took a long time to figure out what was wrong and at one point they even asked Kerry how to fix it because she had suggested something to try, lol ;-)

Four hours later, we were so hot and tired but another van came to our rescue and Brian drove us on to Kampala! We were just a "little" giddy to be back on the road again!

We checked into the Apricot Guest House which is also a common place for adoptive families to stay while in Uganda. It was really nice and the grounds were beautiful and quite spacious...

After we checked in, we refreshed and headed back out again - no rest for the weary! It was such a fun night, though. We had dinner and watched a Ugandan dance show at the  N'Dere Cultural Centre. The food was amazing and the show was quite entertaining...

At the end of this song, the emcee/story teller asked if anyone wanted to come up & take a pic so Kerry and I got up there. Well sure, why not?! How often do you get to be in a photo with a bunch of African dancers? ;-)

I was a bit sunburned from our fun 4-hour visit at the gas station earlier that day! ;-)

We had such a great time & this is definitely a "must do" activity if you ever visit the Kampala, Uganda area.

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